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Delivery & Sales of Cedar Hedges by Ottawa Landscape Experts

If you drive through some of Ottawa’s older neighbourhoods, you may have admired the green, living fences of cedar hedges that screen these elegant properties from the street. If you would like to get year-round colour and privacy with cedar hedges for your Ottawa area property, Manotick Gardens & Landscaping Supplies carries cedar hedging in a variety of sizes.

You can pick up your cedar hedge and plant it yourself. (Please call ahead for loading.) Our staff will be happy to provide you with complete planting instructions.


We have some Charlie Brown's that didn't make the cut at $4.00 per ft. Good for fillers in existing hedges. No warranty and limited.


Single: 1 stock per root ball

Premium: fuller bodied, may have more than 1 stock per ball
Cultivated - better shaped and lusher body farm grown, do not need as many and fill in faster, more mature 

Trees heights are within 6 inches of quoted prices

** Prices subject to change without notice & upon availability               Very Limited quantity

We warranty 20% of trees  10 trees or more purchased at full price only 

Your Shortcut to a Great Landscape

Visit Manotick Gardens & Landscaping Supplies to fast track your next project.

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