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River Stones: Ottawa’s Alternative to Gravel or Mulch

Are you considering using river stones for Ottawa landscape construction as an alternative to mulch or gravel? At Manotick Gardens & Landscaping Supplies, you’ll find two varieties of river stones in a range of sizes:

  • Ottawa River Stone: This budget-friendly variety of river stone comes in neutral colours ranging from grey to beige.

  • Kingston River Stone: Slightly more expensive and more colourful than Ottawa River Stone, Kingston River Stones range in colour from whites to pinks, reds and quartz. 

Both are ideal for maintenance strips along the sides of your home or between homes, and for garden areas where you would rather not use mulch. Our river stones can also be used to increase drainage in culvert areas and present an attractive alternative to gravel. Always apply a strong commercial fabric beneath the stone to prevent weed problems. Not sure what size would be best for your project?  Come to our yard and choose for yourself. Our friendly and experienced staff can help you find the ideal stones for your landscape.



1-3 inch River Wash Stone

1/2 - 3 inch River Wash Stone


1 inch River Wash Stone

1/2-1 inch River Wash Stone


Premium  1 to 3 inch .JPG

1-3 Inch Premium River Wash Stone

*Kingston Bright colors with pinks & reds

** Ottawa Grey to beiges with some pink more natural not available by bag

River stone of all sizes is available in 20 kg bags for your convenience.                       $10.95 per bag all sizes         Kingston only

Your Shortcut to a Great Landscape

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