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Gravel & Sand for Landscape Construction in Ottawa

Your brick patio or driveway is best built over a layer of compacted gravel. Launch your landscape construction at Ottawa’s complete landscaping supplies store, Manotick Gardens & Landscaping Supplies. We carry gravel of many sizes, suited to specific uses in landscape construction. We deliver gravel and sand in our local areas only. Please see delivery page.




Clear Gravel ( $31.75 per half yard, $47.00 per cubic yard)

Often used for maintenance strips along the sides of your home and under decks and window wells, clear gravel prevents weed growth and promotes proper drainage. Apply a strong commercial fabric before filling in with stone.

Clear Gravel

Granular “A” Crushed Gravel ($30.50 per half yard, $45.00 per cubic yard)

Crushed gravel, made for compaction, supports the weight of a paved driveway or brick patio. Since it is looser than soil, it allows for better drainage, keeping the patio or driveway drier and helping to slow the decomposition of the paving materials.

Crushed Gravel

Stone Dust ($30.50 per half yard, $45.00 per cubic yard)

Spread stone dust over crushed gravel to level pavers and flagstone. Stone dust should also be compacted when used for large walkways and patio areas.

Stone Dust

Washed Play Sand ($29.95 per half yard, $43.00 per cubic yard)

As the name implies, this is the ideal sand for children’s sand boxes and under above ground pools. Not for mixing cement.

Washed Play Sand

                                       Bagged Products                   30 kg Bags $7.95 each 

You can buy 30 kg bags of clear ¾” gravel, stone dust (screenings), crushed (granular ‘A’) gravel and all-purpose washed sand.

                                                                                        We also carry packages of polymeric joint sealer, price in store.

Your Shortcut to a Great Landscape

Visit Manotick Gardens & Landscaping Supplies to fast track your next project.

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