Mulch Protects Ottawa Landscaping from Weeds, Pests & Erosion

Applying Mulch for Best Results

You should apply a layer of mulch at least 3 to 4 inches deep. Don’t pile mulch up too high around trees and shrubs. For best performance, all mulches need to be turned and fluffed for colour quality, and to be topped off as necessary (drainage and sun exposure will determine how often).

Mulch Varieties

Brick Red Mulch 

-True red dye for longer colour retention

-Lasts longer than shredded products

1/2 Yard: $35.00

Per Yard: $53.00

Red Devil Cedar Mulch

-Budget priced, shredded mulch
-Pine, cedar or a mix
-Dyed colour (less colour retention than Brick Red)

1/2 Yard: $33.75

Per Yard: $45.00

Red Ruby Mulch

-New for 2019

-Deep burgundy

1/2 Yard: $39.00

Per Yard: $53.00

Natural Cedar Mulch

-100% cedar, shredded
-Light in colour

1/2 Yard: $33.75

Per Yard: $45.00

Shredded Pine Mulch - Currently Unavailable

-Shredded texture, bulkier than composted pine
-Natural brown that retains its colour
-Doesn't decompose as fast as composted pine

1/2 Yard: $33.75

Per Yard: $45.00

Composted Pine Mulch

-Dark brown, fine mulch that looks like soil
-Retains colour naturally, no dyes
-Pack when applying for optimum weed control

1/2 Yard: $33.75

Per Yard: $45.00

Chocolate Brown Mulch

-Mixed woods
-Dark brown in colour

1/2 Yard: $36.75

Per Yard: $49.50

Black Beauty Mulch (True Black Hardwood)

-High quality mulch
-True black dye darker than most mulches
-Retains colour longer than Black Mulch

1/2 Yard: $35.00

Per Yard: $53.00

Black Mulch (Black Cedar)

-Shredded texture
-Pine, cedar or mixed wood
-Dyed colour, not as dark or as lasting as Black Beauty
-More economical than Black Beauty Mulch

1/2 Yard: $33.75

Per Yard: $45.00

Utility Mulch

-Used for pathways, etc.
-Please call for availability

1/2 Yard: $24.25

Per Yard: $35.00

Mulch by the Bag

Natural cedar mulch, black cedar mulch and red cedar mulch are available bagged, in 2 ft. amounts.

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