Tired of Sandy Soils?

Use Our Organic Mix for Quality Vegetables.

Organic Soils for Ecofriendly Organic Gardening in Ottawa

Longing to try organic gardening in your Otttawa area backyard? Start with the right soil. As the only area supplier of organic soil, Manotick Gardens & Landscaping Supplies provides organic soil to local certified organic growers. Our organic soil is naturally rich, filled with organic matter that releases many nutrients and materials to fuel strong, healthy plant growth. Plants that get a strong and healthy start in organic soil have greater resistance to pests and diseases. (Make sure to mulch to help prevent weeds and pests!) Grow an ecofriendly garden with delivery of organic soil from Manotick Gardens & Landscaping Supplies.

Even if you’re not ready to make the jump to organic gardening, you can make the most of Ottawa’s growing season – don’t make your plants fight for survival in sandy soil or clay. Come to Manotick Gardens & Landscaping Supplies for loamy soils that retain enough moisture to promote healthy growth while allowing excess water to drain easily. Compare the soils we offer and talk to our staff if you have questions about the best soil for your garden!

We specialize in small soil deliveries up to 9 cubic yards and custom split loads.


Triple Mix

-Our special blend of rich black loam, peat moss, fresh mushroom compost
-Popular mix for flower gardens

1/2 Yard: $25.50

Per Yard: $38.00

Garden Soil

-Black loam and compost
-Multipurpose blend of rich black loam and compost

1/2 Yard: $22.75

Per Yard: $35.00

Manotick Organic Mix

-Used by local certified organic growers
-Peat moss, manure, black peat loam, mushroom compost
-No sand or fillers
-Great for vegetable gardens, revitalizing old beds
-No bagged amendments necessary other than bone meal

1/2 Yard: $33.15

Per Yard: $49.00

Black Peat Loam

-Rich black loam, no sand or fillers
-Use for top dressing, seeding lawns under 2" thick, topping off existing beds

1/2 Yard: $22.75

Per Yard: $34.00

Top Soil

-Black peat loam and sand
-For filling holes or where drainage is required for sodding, seeding
-NOT MEANT FOR GARDENS (can result in more weeds)

1/2 Yard: $19.75

Per Yard: $29.50

Top Dressing

-Our own rich blend of black peat loam and peat moss
-Use for sodding or seeding when you need more than 2" of soil
-Also used for top dressing garden beds

1/2 Yard: $24.25

Per Yard: $36.50

Super Mushroom Compost

-Rich, uncut product straight from the farm
-Mix in garden and vegetable beds to nourish perennials and vegetables

1/2 Yard: $26.25

Per Yard: $38.00

Aged Cow Manure

-Straight from the farm
-Use in all garden beds

-Locally sourced; please call for availability

1/2 Yard: $29.25

Per Yard: $39.00

Bagged Products

Need soil for a planter or container garden? Manotick Gardens & Landscaping Supplies carries a variety of soils and amendments in convenient bagged quantities.

Product Amount
Garden Soil 30 litre
Black Earth 25 litre
Top Soil 25 litre
Potting Soil - Small 15 litre
Potting Soil - Large 3.8 cubic ft.
Triple Mix 25 litre
Manotick Organic Mix 25 litre
Top Dressing Mix 25 litre
Compost & Manure
Peat Moss 1 cubic ft.
Peat Moss 3.8 cubic ft.
Manure 18 kg
Mushroom Compost 30 litre

Your Shortcut to a Great Landscape

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We are open to the public on a limited basis but deliveries and cedar hedging are still available. Please call ahead and leave a message; we will respond to all messages confirming our hours.


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